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It seems kind of weird to have entries from 2008 popping up in the news section , so today, I broke the page into two pieces.

The news section is still there, and it works pretty much just like before. The only difference is that instead of having a lengthy Old News section appear under the latest headline, there is now a link to this archive. The reason for the minimalist design of this website is to keep things simple and fast. I don’t like having to wait for flashy distractions to load. Having the same old entries load time and time again doesn’t really fit into the minimal theme I’m going for. I wanted to cut the fat, and get rid if the info that really didn’t need to be there.

I like simple and fast, but I don’t like having information I might want to access later on suddenly disappear on me, so I didn’t want to simply delete everything. Creating an archive seemed like an optimal solution.

I have made one visible change to the old news section. The personal updates feed now appears below the main headline. This way, you can read the news entry right away, even though the twitter feed hasn’t loaded yet. No more waiting for flashy distractions!

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Kyle Clements

Kyle Clements is a Toronto-based artist and nerd. During his thesis at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Kyle began working on his Urban Landscapes series, a body of work that aims to capture the energy and excitement of life in the fast-paced urban environment. After graduating from OCAD in 2006, Kyle spent a year living in Asia to gather source material and experience in a different kind or urban environment. His work is vibrant and colourful. Whether painting the harsh Northern landscape, or capturing the overwhelming buzz of life in the city, his acrylic paintings hover between representation and abstraction.

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