Some friends of mine are working on a really cool project for Burning Man 2013 – The Charcade!, which can be described best in their own words:

We’re building an arcade and it’s rather non-traditional. (Translation: We’re building the CHARCADE and ALL THE GAMES SPEW FIRE) (quote taken from

To turn this quick and succinct story into a long and boring one, last night, I was an idiot and locked myself out of my studio, and one of the project leads is excellent at getting past pesky locks. I have him a call, and ran over to my place, broke me in, then headed back for the “flame test”. As soon as I heard the words “flame test”, I knew I had to grab my camera and run over to experience (and document) the action!


Riskee ball is a lot like skee ball, only this one shoot fire at you, making it significantly more fun. This isn’t one of the flames it shoots – this is just the “I’m on” light. When you get the ball in, the flame looks more like this:

Screenshot from 2013-08-04 18:10:18

This little puff of fire managed to catch the attention of more than one person walking through the alley. It’s almost like people don’t see this kinda stuff on a daily basis.
I didn’t get to play riskee ball myself, I was too busy documenting the whole thing, capturing about 3 gigs of video which I will edit and upload eventually.

After the live demo, we took the machine apart, then we went back inside and started building 9 more of these things. I didn’t end up leaving the shop until 5:45am. It was a good way to spend a saturday night.


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