This is a weekly art blog that is written and maintained by Kyle Clements, a Toronto-based artist.


          This blog is more of a light bulb than a laser beam. It doesn’t have a sharp and narrowly defined focus. Sometimes I will present descriptions of myself and my work. At other times the focus will be on ideas that I think are relevant to artists working today, such as copyright, new business models, tools, and mediums. Other times, I will present some ideas that I find interesting, and attempt to connect them with other ideas, or frame the ideas differently so new problems or possibilities emerge. The occasional angry rant may also make its way through

          The header contains my name in large print that will always bring you back to this blog’s homepage.
          Below that you will find the same navigational links that can be seen on my main website, kyleclements.com, so you will always have quick and easy access to my catalogue, C.V. and bio, among other things.
          The large window below the header is the main content window, which is hopefully the reason you came to this site.
          To the right of the main content window is a column with General ‘log in/out’ and ‘register’ controls, the tag cloud, which lets you find articles by content, and ‘The Vault’, which is a chronological archive of every article that has been posted here. Below that is a search field where you can find articles by entering keywords or phrases. Finally, below that are some ads. (unless you run some sort of ad blocker, then you wont see anything)
          At the very bottom of the page is The Footer. The footer contains the legal information, such as the copyright year/owner, a disclaimer that all comments belong to their respective poster, and the license that my articles are released under. In case you are wondering what all that ‘cc-by-nc-sa’ stuff is, let me explain what it means.

          Rather than release my text under an ‘All Rights Reserved” model, where you would need to beg my permission to do anything with it, I have instead chosen to go with the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share-Alike License. This means that I have preemptively given you permission to copy/reproduce my work, so long as certain conditions are met.
          For example, you can take bits of my writing (or all of it) and copy/paste it elsewhere, and you can remix, rearrange, and alter it however you want; but you’ve got to give me credit as the original author, your re-use can’t be a commercial or for-profit use, and whatever you do with my work must be released under these same conditions.

          So, if you want to post one of my articles in a web forum, or print it out and post it somewhere, that’s fine, so long as my name and a link to the original source are included.
          But Commercial resale of the content is not allowed, that means you can’t make a book out of this content and sell it. That would be commercial use, which is not allowed. You could give that book away, but not sell it!

          I welcome your comments, but please keep in mind that any spam, trolling, unnecessary profanity, or links to illegal stuff will not be tolerated, and will be removed at my discretion. Continued abuse can result in a permanent banning.
A Message to the Trolls: I reserve the right to publicly post, with full identifying information, any message sent to me that contains threats of violence or epic stupidity.

         I don’t want to go on and on with a bunch of legal jargon, because let’s be honest, who actually reads that stuff? All I’m going to say that while you are here, don’t to bad things. And since this is my playground, I get to decide what is/is not a bad thing.


~Kyle Clements.

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