First Urban Landscape of 2011

It’s strange how as a painter, I go through creative peaks and valleys.

There are times where everything I touch just turns out wonderfully; almost effortlessly. And there are other times where it’s a real struggle to resolve a piece, and even when I do, I’m not fully happy with the result.

During the first quarter of 2011, I was stuck in a fairly deep rut, but I reciently started moving away from that place. I set up my camera for some timelapse photography, and I think I mannaged to capture the point where I started moving towards my next peak!

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The Painting Process: Captured on Video

As a painter, I’m very interested in the painting process.

Painting is what I do, and I have to go through a painting process to get the finished painting. Whole movements and styles of painting have been dedicated to the process of painting. As much as I love abstract expressionism, I really, really don’t like the term “process painting”. I don’t walk into a gallery to see the verb form of painting; I’m after nouns. I want to see a well-executed finished piece.

Eventually, I will post a rant about my dislike of the phrase “process painting”, but this is no that occasion. On this occasion, I will be talking about what I think is a much better way of capturing and exhibiting the process of painting. I will be talking about video.
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