About the Artists:

         Brad Blucher is an artist from Northern York Region who fell in love with the Toronto art scene during his education at the Ontario College of Art of Design. Brad's art practice focuses on light and our biological relationship to it.

         Kyle Clements is a Toronto-based OCAD graduate. His work is vibrant and colourful with a focus on capturing the overwhelming buzz and energy of life in the city. Kyle's acrylic paintings hover between representation and abstraction.

         Brad Blucher and Kyle Clements met in high school, where they were commissioned to create a large wood sculpture to commemorate the opening of a new wing for their school. Since then, a working partnership has existed between the two artists. Both were educated at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where they continued to collaborate on artistic endeavours. After graduation, Brad pursued a Bachelors of Education from the University of Western Ontario in London, while Kyle ran off to Korea to teach English, collect source material for his 'Urban Landscape' series. While both artists are focused on developing their own individual practices, they continue to collaborate on a number of projects.

         Download Brad Blucher's CV (.pdf)
         Download Kyle Clements' CV (.pdf)

Additional Support:

Any project of this scale cannot be achieved without the help of others.

Adam Blucher: Thanks for doing the Security detail during Nuit Blanche. Your muscles scared off the troublemakers and let the night run smoothly.
Cory Clements: Thanks for working in the city. Do you have any idea how much time and money I saved catching rides with you rather than taking the buses/subways? Thank You.
Victoria Fenninger: Thanks for the silk screen. You have no idea how awful it is to make 1000+ circuit boards using the iron-on toner-transfer technique.
Seth Hardy: Thanks for the help with the 2nd version of the circuit board. I can't believe what a time saver it is to have these boards professional done, and I never could have figured out KiCad without your help.
Mary Jenkins: Not only did your graphic design work for our poster exceed our expectations, but your delicious baked goods made the work more enjoyable. Thanks for just generally being awesome while we made a huge mess and a lot of noise. And thanks for the pumpkin maple bacon cupcakes most of all.
Adam and Amber at Levack Block: Every show needs a venue, and the one you generously provided exceeded our expectations. Thank You.
Kevin Radigan: Thanks for the brain storming sessions during the essay writing and show application phase. Your ability to condense a meandering train of thought into a concise statement was most helpful.
Toronto Burning Man Community: Thanks for inviting us to participate in your event, and thank you for the invaluable assistance during a very rushed and frantic tear down. We were only able to get our stuff taken down and packed in time because of your help.