The Discovery Channel The show Daily Planet ran a segment on Toronto's very first Maker Faire. "Take a Picture" makes an apppearence in this segment. The original air date for this episode was May 5th, 2011.
MTV Not only did MTV write about our project, they also embedded a time lapse video. That video just so happens to feature our music. In a way, MTV played our song!
Design Taxi It's great to see articles where the author clearly took the time to go through and read our FAQ's and essays to get a real understanding of the issues the project is adressing.
Gizmodo Gizmodo wrote an article about us!
UberGizmo UberGizmo wrote articles about our project in both the English and French editions of it's publication!
Technabob Technabob has earned a warm place in our hearts with their very complimentary review of our work.
Rezalutions The Art Magazine Rezalutions covered "Take a Picture"
Engadget The German branch of Engadget wrote about "Take a Picture".
Membrana We have no idea what they are saying about our project, but "Take a Picture" has been covered in Russia! It's truely an amazing feeling to see people on the other side of the world talking about our work. Thank you.
GearLog GearLog, "the gadget guide for geeks", got going on gawking about "Take a Picture".
Electronics Info Online Electronics Info Online saw hack a day's entry on "Take a Picture" and decided to forward our project to their readers. Thanks!
DVICE DVICE, which is part of the Syfy network, posted about "Take a Picture".
PetaPixel The digital photography blog PetaPixel posted an entry about "Take a Picture".
Make I can't believe Make Blog picked up this project! It's a truly wonderful feeling to have the websites we visit for ideas and inspiration covering our own work.
Hack a Day Hack a Day picked up our project. They wrote a wonderful artice about our work.
BlogTO I am pleased to announce that "Take a Picture" was included in the "Best of Zone C" list for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010.
Kyle Clements' Blog Kyle reviewed this project quite favourbly in his blog.