Project Timeline:


         Spring: The invisible painting idea is conceived and tested for feasibility.
         Summer: After learning that this idea will work, we begin researching materials and suppliers.
         Fall: Project put on hold.


         Work on Take a Picture is resumed. Emoticon-inspired imagery is decided upon for the first
         showing of the project.


         February: Over the course of three days, a show-quality prototype is built.
         March 11: The prototype is displayed for approximately 30 people at the University of
         Western Ontario, London, Ontario


         Summer: Full-time work on Take a Picture begins. 7 new pieces are created.
         October 2nd: Take a Picture culminates in Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. All 8 images are
         displayed at Levack Block in Toronto.
         October 22-25th: Four new images are created for version 2 of Take a Picture. This time
         the imagery is geometric abstraction.
         December 1st: With the help of Seth Hardy, our circuit board design has been improved.
         They are now professionally manufactured. (but we still solder in all the components)


         January 22: Take a Picture is invited to be displayed at "Cold Compress", the Toronto Burning Man community's Winter Decompression party.

         May 5th, Take a Picture was included in a feature about makers and maker culture on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet.

         May 7 - 8th, Take a Picture is invited to Toronto's first ever Mini Maker Faire at the Evergreen Brick Works. Brad and Kyle cap off the Lightning talks with a 5 minute talk about the philosophy behind Take a Picture

         September 23: Take a Picture is invited to be put on display at the TEDxToronto afterparty at Steam Whistle brewery.

         October 1st: Kyle and Brad are invited to The Tiff Bell Lightbox to give a 30 minute presentation about their collaborative projects, including "Take a Picture".

         October 29-30: Take a Picture was displated at Digifest Toronto in the LINK exhibit.