Take a Picture: Show Time

We couldn't spend 13 hours at an event titled "Take a Picture" and not take some pictures ourselves. Here is some footage from the day of the event. This includes video clips from last minute set-up to the event itself. This is an unlisted clip, meaning that this video can not be found on the regular YouTube Video search; it is exclusive to our fans here, and those of you on our facebook fan page.

Take a Picture: Cold Compress Aftermath

Sometime during the end of 2010, Brad and I were invited to display "Take a Picture" at the Decompression party for Toronto's Burning Man community.
It was a long day. Set-up started at noon. Tear down was finished around 6:30am. And we were working (and partying) the whole time in between.
I didn't get a chance to record any video during the event itself, but here is some footage of two very tired artists mumbling on about nonsense during the car ride home. Enjoy!