website maintenance

For a few months, I’ve been extremely frustrated about a little bug in the index.html page for my main website. (

the page worked just fine in FireFox 3.6 on my laptop. But for some reason, the image would fail to render on every other browser out there. I checked multiple computers, I loaded my website on smart phones, Wii’s, and Macs. I even tried it out on the Opera mini browser for my NDS.

No image.

What the hell is going on?

My machine was getting kinda crashy, so I wiped it clean and did a full re-install of everything.

I upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 11.04 (I was still on 9.04, so this was quite a jump), which features the brand new shiny FireFox 4 web browser.

And….the image would load. Damn!

I installed chromium.

The image wouldn’t load.

At this point, I was getting pretty angry, because it was looking more and more like it was a website coding error, not a browser error.

That means the mistake is my fault. Better look at the page source.

I was missing a single < / a > tag. I left one of my links open, and that was the source of all my problems.

Finally, after 4 months, my website will work right again! Time to upload this file and get to work.

I opened up Filezilla and tried to upload my fixed file, and it just erased my index.html page instead. I spent an hour tweaking setting, visiting my web host’s website and dealing with support, nothing. That 4kb file just didn’t want to upload.

Before calling it quites for the night, I figured, ‘lets try something new.’

I installed gFTP, hit upload, and 2 seconds later, my website was up and running.

By the end of it, I had a better faster lightweight browser and a better faster lightweight FTP client. And a functional website.