Illuminated Landscapes: Free PDF Version Available Now.

If you are a regular here, then you’ve probably heard about Illuminated Landscapes a series of photographs by my friend Brad Blucher and myself.

I’ve hinted about the project three times before. But no more vague teasers!

We’ve edited down the huge archive of images into 80 photographs. These 80 photographs will appear in our new 80-page photo book Illuminated Landscapes, which will be available soon.

While we are still waiting for the hard copy version to arrive so we can apply our seal of approval and put the thing up for sale, the free digital version is available now!

That’s right, the free version is out before the “must pay for it” version!

The free digital version contains the same set of 80 images that appear in the physical version, and is presented as two separate PDFs. (one portrait, the other landscape)

To receive your free version of Illuminated Landscapes, all you need to do is send off an email to:

Within 24 hours, you will receive two emails from us, one with an 11 meg attachment, another with a 8 meg attachment.

For those of you concerned with the security risks associated with PDFs, you have little to fear. These were created in open office on a fresh Ubuntu installation, so the risk of malware is minimal.

Not only is the free version out before the paid-for version, but the physical version is going to be released in both hard-cover and soft-cover versions simultaneously. We’re not going to make you wait an arbitrary length of time before releasing a more affordable soft-cover edition. You can just get whatever version you want to get right from the start.

The reason for distributing the free version via email rather than direct downloads is simple:
I have limited bandwidth available, and I don’t want the page to go down under the strain, and I don’t want to get stuck with a massive hosting bill for giving something away for free. By distributing the free version through email, I only have to upload the file once, and yahoo pays for the bandwidth after that.

I hope you enjoy this series of photographs.

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Kyle Clements

Kyle Clements is a Toronto-based artist and nerd. During his thesis at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Kyle began working on his Urban Landscapes series, a body of work that aims to capture the energy and excitement of life in the fast-paced urban environment. After graduating from OCAD in 2006, Kyle spent a year living in Asia to gather source material and experience in a different kind or urban environment. His work is vibrant and colourful. Whether painting the harsh Northern landscape, or capturing the overwhelming buzz of life in the city, his acrylic paintings hover between representation and abstraction.