Junk_etc: An Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Acta Victoria

Getting myself into this show was perhaps the strangest and most serendipitous experience I’ve had. Someone was curating an art show at the University of Toronto. She ventured down to OCAD in search of artists. Not knowing the layout of the building, she got lost wandered through the Design departments, and didn’t come across any artists. She had just left the building, when Brad caught her attention. At the time, Brad had some nice dreads, which let her know he wasn’t a practical designer type person. “With hair like that”, she thought, “he must be an artist.” After a few seconds of chit-chat, Brad had charmed his way into our very first Toronto show.

Cubist Deconstruction of a Face (version 2), 46″ X 52″, acrylic on canvas, 2005.

Lego, 46″ X 56″, acrylic on canvas, 2004.

Biomorphic Forms, 46″ X 46″, Acrylic on canvas, 2004.

My parents are supporting me at my first Toronto art show.                              A group of people admiring my work.

Blaze and Brad Blucher talking about their art.

Kyle Clements and Blaze sip coffee and discuss art.